Welcome. Have a seat. The show is about to begin.

For the last twenty years or so, I have been pouring my heart and soul into inspiring deeper relationships between brands and consumers. The work you find here is the fruits of my labor. Enjoy.


Strange + Compost

Strange + Compost
The premise behind my art is 50,000, 500, 5 feet.
A larger viewpoint that evokes a response to move forward and investigate further, thus allowing an intricate story to unfold for the viewer. Each intricate story is a laden with parts of my psyche, my journeys and my experiences. And as life often can be, there are nuances and details that are often observed at a subconscious level that weigh heavily on the outcome of the story.

Strange + Compost is Peter Bell


Butterfly Woman  40″ x 60″  Digital/Analog Mixed Media  Created 2010

Betty Boop’s Garden  16″ x 20″  Digital/Analog Mixed Media  Created 2007

ManFight  24″ x 30″  Digital/Analog Mixed Media  Created 2008

Melt  30″ x 40″  Digital/Analog Mixed Media  Created 2008

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